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Spend a night having a good time with your friends or coworkers. At The Trivia Zone, we specialize in video trivia, and we host events throughout Atlanta, Georgia.

"Our Trivia Nights here at Pinetree Country Club using the Trivia Zone have been one of our top entertainment events for our members. And we've been using the Trivia Zone for almost 4 years now. We're also doing Bingo Nights now with Trivia Zone too, and it's been great!"

- Jim Corrigan, General Manager, Pinetree Country Club, Kennesaw, GA

Video Trivia

Be there for our next night of video trivia and take part in the newest and most exciting way to play the game. We still have the DJ or host and the music, but now, we display the questions on televisions. We even add movie clips and pictures to our questions. Let us take your next corporate event to the next level of fun.

The Rules of Trivia

The way we play is simple. Each round has five questions in each round, and for the first four questions in every round, you bid points in the amount of three, six, nine, or 12 points. You can only bid each point value once in a round. When you get the question right, you get that number of points.

The last question of each round is a little special. It can be a four-part question or a bonus bid question, in which you can lose points for an incorrect answer.

People Gathered in Restaurant

You have one song to turn in your answer. Don't shout your answers, and remember, we do not allow the use of cell phones or other outside references.

Prizes are usually awarded for first, second, and third places!

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