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Some of Our Favorite Questions

Let's see how many answers you know. At The Trivia Zone, we host trivia nights throughout the Atlanta, Georgia, area, and we ask questions about a variety of topics. Try your hand at answering some of our trivia.

Q: What is Captain James T. Kirk's middle name?
A: Tiberius

Q: What sport do some of the soldiers participate in, in the movie "Apocalypse Now"?
A: Surfing

Q: Who was the singer for the classic rock bands Bad Company, Free, and The Firm?
A: Paul Rodgers

Q: What Steven King novel is set at the Overlook Hotel?
A: The Shining

Q: What ancient mythological creature had the head and wings of an eagle, but the body of a lion?
A: Griffon

Q: What river separates Texas and Oklahoma?
A: Red River

Q: On the TV show Cheers- Frasier and Lilith's baby (Fredrick) uttered which character's name as his first word?
A: Norm

Q: What president introduced "The New Deal"?

Q: In what city did Charles Lindbergh land his plane at the end of the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic?
A: Paris

Q: Who was the first billionaire in the United States?
A: John D. Rockefeller

Q: What general established the first colony in Georgia, in 1733?
A: General Oglethorpe

Q: What children's show did Morgan Freeman get his start on?
A: The Electric Company

Q: Which MLB player had the most hits in the 90's?
A: Mark Grace

Q: Rosie Ruiz was caught cheating to win what running event in 1980?
A: The Boston Marathon (she supposedly took the subway)

Q: What Ozzy Osbourne song plays over the PA at Turner Field when Chipper Jones comes to the plate?
A: Crazy Train

Q: Who played baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals for 22 years?
A: Stan Musial

Q: What team knocked Georgia Tech out of the Final Four in 1990?
A: University of Nevada at Los Vegas

Q: What NFL team got its last playoff win in the 1984 playoffs?
A: Seattle

Q: The hockey term hat-trick was borrowed from what English sport?
A: Cricket

Q: What sport does the James Bond play against Gold Finger?
A: Golf

Q: What Australian tennis player won the grand slam twice, 11 grand slam titles, and four Wimbledon titles?
A: Rod Laver

Q: Who did the Thrashers select as their very first draft pick in 1999?
A: Patrick Stefan

Q: Who was the first Bowl Championship Series champion?
A: Tennessee

Q: What Eastern conference team won two Stanley Cups in the 90's?
A: Pittsburgh Penguins

Q: Who is the only major league baseball player- besides Cy Young- to win 400 games?
A: Walter Johnson

Q: What former Steeler had a fan club known as his Italian Army?
A: Franco Harris

Q: What former NFL star played a major role in the Police Academy movie series?
A: Bubba Smith